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ambition, anne sexton, aol, arrested development, asian kung-fu generation, blackmore's night, blinkies, british comedy, bruises, butterfly effect, cartoon network, celine dion, cell phone, chips, cities, computer science, confusion, conor oberst, consciousness, cosmo, cowboys, crash, david lynch, dnangel, dogma, dostoevsky, dr who, drawings, drinks, duran duran, dvd, eating out, economics, esp, fantasy art, femmeslash, fischerspooner, flash, flyleaf, freckles, gadgets, girugamesh, glass, glow sticks, gossip, government, grey, happy, hot pink, hunter s. thompson, irc, isolation, james blunt, japanese culture, jelly beans, jensen ackles, joan of arcadia, jonas brothers, jude law, juno, keanu reeves, ladies, law & order: svu, law and order, lesbian, libertarianism, lit, little shop of horrors, live, lost prophets, lycanthropy, m*a*s*h, machine head, making friends, megaman, michael, mountain biking, mushrooms, orange soda, outside, paris hilton, patches, piebald, pineapples, power metal, pretty, pride, pro-ana, q and not u, queers, quilting, random, razorlight, razors, restaurants, robert pattinson, self-expression, sick of it all, sign language, snow days, social work, soul calibur, sound, speak, spoken word, spoon, spooning, summerland, super nintendo, sweden, t.a.t.u, talib kweli, target, teens, the cardigans, the exorcist, the queers, turntables, twizzlers, voting, wallpapers, wizard of oz, xenogears, xmen, Аквариум, Беларусь, ДДТ, Компьютеры, Михаил Булгаков, абсурд, блоги, гаджеты, звёзды, игры, коктейли, математика, мечты, разговоры, слушать музыку, технологии, холодное оружие, шитье, эзотерика, эстетика

Social capital

  • less than 10